Interview: Lucie reveals new coach’s name

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A few weeks ago, we collected some fans questions and Lucie dedicated some time to answer them:

What is your favourite tournament/favourite country to play in ?
It’s tough to say one. Obviously I have a special attachment to Paris because of my amazing memories of Roland Garros but I love Australia, its a great country and fun people! New York is also a great city! That’s the fun part about tennis: to play in so many different cities and most of them have something I love about them. 

What do you miss the most from home when you are away travelling on the tour ?
I miss my family and friends, and also being in one place where you feel home.

What helps you to stay such a positive and optimistic person ?
I have great people around me! Even in tough times I know I have my family and close friends that are by my side, no matter what. Knowing that, I can overcome all rainy days. I also always try to find something positive in anything that is happening and take bad moments as challenges to get stronger. I believe that everything happens for a reason in life. Also having all fans supporting me makes me happy!

Interview: Lucie answers fans' questions & reveals new coach's name

Do you think that playing so many doubles matches affect your single career in a good way (helping you play even better in singles) or in a bad way (making you more tired) ?
Sometimes it is for the better, sometimes it might not be. When I play a lot of singles and doubles matches in one event, it is tough and I’m losing more power than players who don’t play doubles. But we have such a great friendship and connection on the court with Bethanie as #teambucie that I would never give it up. I love doubles, it’s fun and I enjoy it! I like to play both. 

Is Andy Gerst a sparring partner or your new coach ?
Andy was helping me on a couple events in the US series and my new coach is Adam Altschuler, Bethanie’s coach. We are planning on sharing him next season.

Bethanie visited you in Czech Republic, have you ever visited her or do you plan to ? Or maybe a vacation together ?
I plan on going to Arizona soon to visit Bethanie! I can’t wait to see it! Vacation would be fun but I think our schedules are bit different now so we can’t make it.

What is your favourite kind of music/music band ?
I like all kinds of music, it depends on the mood. Sometimes I like the 90s, 80s. I also like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Kygo, and The Chainsmokers.

What is your favorite colour ?
My favorite colours are blue and light green. [:cz]Před pár týdny jsme nasbírali několik otázek od fanoušků a Lucie si našla čas na ně odpovědět: 


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