“I will still keep going”

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“This picture is when I started to play tennis! 27years ago! Its been a long way with a lot of amazing memories that I’m very thankful to experience!

Last year I reached many of my dreams and finally got into top10! I felt that finally everything was perfect in my life but it never lets us rest at peace bored. Unfortunately I was stopped by disease for almost 6months and suddenly was fighting on other line.. When I was first time back playing I felt the happiest ever but I knew I’m starting from almost zero. Fitness gone, muscles and body weak. I realized how quickly your life can change upside down! I felt angry because I didn’t have a chance to really enjoy what I have accomplished..it was so short before I lost it and now I’m supposed to start all that hard work again from the bottom? There was no other option so I did!

Today it’s been 6weeks down that road..trust me it wasn’t much fun at all! I’m the type of person who likes to push the limits and I really hate when I don’t reach as many push ups, squads, balls in court as I am used to! At least now I see how super fit I have been before! Than I lost one match second, today third..I’m really sad about it but I’m also stronger everyday! Even though it makes me upset and it’s not easy I will still keep going because you know what? Nothing lasts forever and it can change as quickly for good again as it did the other way!

I look at it now as on a huge experience that I should enjoy every great moment that life brings me along, live through everyday fully and accept the bad as part of it that makes me stronger before the next door with something great opens! For me the most important in my life is my family, my close friends and health! I have all of that now so even if the road what I’m taking is bumpy, deep inside I’m happy and smiling!”


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