[:en]Ask Lucie![:cz]Zeptejte se Lucie![:]

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[:en]If you want to ask questions to Lucie, you can either:

– Type your question directly below.  Please note that the questions will be reviewed by #TeamSafarova before being submitted.  
– Write us an email to ask-lucie@lucie-safarova.com
– Ask your questions on Twitter using #AskLucka

Only the most interesting questions will be published and Lucie will answer them directly on this page.  

[:cz]Pokud se na něco chcete zeptat a Google nepomáhá, máte dvě možnosti:

– napište nám e-mail: ask-lucie@lucie-safarova.com
– použijte na Twitteru hashtag #AskLucka 


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4 thoughts on “[:en]Ask Lucie![:cz]Zeptejte se Lucie![:]”

  1. Tommy Berglöf says:

    Hi Lucie,
    What is your favorite surface?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dobrý den Lucie kód je váš tenisoví idol

  3. Tommy Berglöf says:

    Hi Lucie,

    I wonder why you do not have a regular coach following you at your tournaments. Especially to help with the mental part of the game.

  4. anonymus says:

    Please send Autograph Lucy?

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