Fans Corner: “Lucie has earned my utmost respect”

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Fan story shared by Jason, 21 years old (Taiwan)

I actually noticed Lucie because of Maria Sharapova. I’m a big fan of Maria and they had a tough match at the 2014 Miami Open, it was a three sets epic battle. Lucie was so nice at the net even if she lost: she gave Maria a big and warm hug, and that hug made my heart melt! Even in defeat, she never smashes her racket, or says bad words to others, I think that’s why she has earned my utmost respect! 

“Team Bucie” is also my favorite doubles team since they won the 2015 Australian Open. I try my best to watch every match on live stream! They are full of energy and joy. When I feel unhappy in my life, I watch Team Bucie’s highlights on YouTube, it helps me a lot 😉

I was hoping for a chance to meet Lucie so I was happy when she took the wildcard to play the Taiwan Open this year. I met her at the autograph session and I was nervous and excited. I told her in a voice quavering with emotion “Team Bucie is my favorite doubles team”. She was very kind! 

Fans Corner: "Lucie has earned my utmost respect"

As her birthday was around the corner, my friends and I decided to make some cupcakes for her and I gave them to her after her quarterfinal win.
I will never forget her reaction: she was very surprised and said with her sweet smile “For Me ???”. That made my heart melt again! 

Fans Corner: "Lucie has earned my utmost respect"

Though Lucie couldn’t get the semifinals win on her birthday (I hope it’s not because of the cupcakes…), she stayed positive and thanked everyone for all the best wishes. She was still the champion in my heart and that week will forever be one of the most unforgettable memories of my life !

She is always determined on court and plays every shot with passion. She is my queen, my champion, my inspiration!

Fans Corner: "Lucie has earned my utmost respect"


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