Exclusive interview with Lucie Safarova-Part II

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As previously mentioned on the website, Lucie dedicated some of her time to sit down with me  in Roland Garros. In this second part of the interview, we talked about her team in general as well as her objectives for the rest of her career. 

I would like to talk about your coach, Frantisek Cermak… I hope that I said his name right. 

Yes, very well actually! Did you practice that ? (laugh)

No but since I’ve heard it a few times, I thought I would try…
Did you change anything to your training routine since you started working with him ? 

No, we didn’t change anything. I’m actually just the second player [that he coaches] so it’s more his experience from his career that he is trying to pass on. He has been around as a great doubles player but also a singles player. 

[Note: this interview was conducted on the 2nd of June. On the week of 12th June, Lucie confirmed in the Czech media that she was no longer working with Frantisek Cermak].

Do you have anyone else on your team ? 

I do have a fitness coach but he doesn’t travel, he’s at home. And there is my boyfriend who travels with me now, more and more, that’s always nice. My family comes sometimes but they are all working and my sister has two kids who go to school, so it’s not always easy for them to travel. 

Exclusive interview with Lucie Safarova-Part II - Roland Garros

You have had success in your career: your won 7 tournaments, you reached the final here at the French Open, the semifinals of Wimbledon, you are a multiple Fed Cup winner and Grand Slam doubles champion, an Olympic medalist… what’s the ultimate dream that you have for the rest of your career ? 

Well you know, when I came back after my sickness, I said that I would play as long as I have fun and enjoy it, and as long as I’m healthy.  So that’s what I’m doing now and obviously, winning a Grand Slam in singles is one of the objectives. And coming back to the top 10.

Which Grand Slam would you like to win ? 

It doesn’t matter which one, all of them are amazing and at the same level, so… I have no preference. 

Any favourite surface ? 

In Czech Republic, we practice on clay during summer and in the winter, we have fast courts indoors so I kind of learned to play on any surface. And I had great results on grass in the last few years so… I don’t have a preference really. I like to change, it makes it more interesting. 

More about Lucie in the final part of the interview (Part III)…

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