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If you want to ask any questions to Lucie, you can submit them by either :

– writing us an email to
– asking your questions on Twitter using #AskLucka

We will collect your questions and select a few ones that will be transmitted to Lucie.
We will post the questions and Lucie’s reply below:

Question: Are you happy about your partnership with your new coach Frantisek Cermak ? 
Reply from Lucie: He is a very nice guy and he played himself for many years, he understands the game very well. I’m hapy to work with him.

Question: What is your goal for the 2017 Season ? 
Reply from Lucie: To come back into the top 20 or even into the top 10

Question: What tournaments will be you play next this season (2017) ? 
Reply from Lucie: I will play Budapest, Indian Wells, Miami and Charleston

Question: Hi Lucie, what is the top 3 moments of your career ?
Reply from Lucie : 1. Final of French Open, 2. Winning Fed Cup, 3. Winning the Australian Open Doubles title

Question: If you could play your dream final, what opponent would you choose (past or present) and what tournament/city ?
Reply from Lucie : Wimbledon final! If I could choose whoever… I would choose Kim Clijsters

Question: My question for you is, what makes Quebec, Brisbane and Rome your favourite tournaments? (from Johann):
Reply from Lucie: “Hi Johann, first of all most of our tournaments are very nice, but I like these 3 places the most. I love Australia because I come there from cold winter into their summer. All cities are very clean, people are nice and I just like the country. Quebec is a very nice and historical city, with French culture and we always go there with my sister so it’s special for me. Rome is a beautiful city and italian food is amazing :-)”

Question: Hi Lucie,
I saw that you and Biljana are a good team. As I am from her hometown Novi Sad I was wondering if you are planning to visit Serbia sooner or later? You are a great player! Thank you very much! (Ana from Serbia)

Reply from Lucie: “Hi Ana, I was there last year for a week and I plan to come there sometime next year as well, but don’t know yet when. Yes, we are a good team with Biljana. She is a great coach and person.”


Question: Hi Lucie. Congratulations on Fed Cup. During the off season, what kind of training do you do with Biljana to prepare for the new season? (from David)

Reply of Lucie: “Hi David, thank you. We have 2 weeks of only fitness and then 3 weeks of tennis plus Fitness. We work more on things that need to be improved in my game because during the season, we have lots of tournaments and there is not much time for it”

More Questions and Answers soon.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Lucie!”

  1. Tommy Berglöf says:

    Hi Lucie,
    What is your favorite surface?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dobrý den Lucie kód je váš tenisoví idol

  3. Tommy Berglöf says:

    Hi Lucie,

    I wonder why you do not have a regular coach following you at your tournaments. Especially to help with the mental part of the game.

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